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Favarotta Font Download


Favarotta Font Download Font Information

Favarotta was a small settlement on the medieval times. in the Gulf of Castellammare near Palermo, Sicily.
Favarotta font is inspired on the style of writing based on Carolingian models, which continued to be used for handwritten liturgical works in Italy. The style show close affinities with the Italian printed books of the period. It combines Roman cursive writing ideas with some of the Celtic innovations in insular writing, including four guide lines, with strokes that flow smoothly from the ascending and descending.
Favarotta font family contain five weigh and its corresponding italics.
The Italic style are clearly legible and attractively set out, without obvious idiosyncratic tendencies.
These fonts can be read and display with pleasure.
Each font of the family contain standard ligatures, small caps, old style numerals and support CE languages.