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AXIS Font Japanese Font Download

 AXIS Font Japanese

AXIS Font Japanese Font Download Font Information

AXIS Font is distinguished for its simple, airy design, and for its availability in seven font weights: Ultra Light, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Heavy.With our superfine Ultra Light font, completely new, fresh heading styles never before available with Japanese fonts are now possible. Moreover, excellent compatibility has been achieved between Japanese typefaces (for hiragana, katakana, kanji and other characters) and Latin typefaces. By designing the percentage of the letter that the white background is living, designed the expression of a simple character. Since it is assumed that one magazine is organized in a single typeface family, it is possible to realize a varied magazine design while maintaining a consistent expression.A simple and airy, modern sans serif typeface, allows one to set a character composition endowed with an articulate and erudite feel, and even in cases when Japanese and Latin characters appear together, there is no sense of incongruity. For AXIS Font Condensed and Compressed, rather than merely narrowing down the basic typeface, we designed an exclusive narrow Japanese font with a focus on character width issues. Moderately slender widths were developed, responding to today’s high-density text communication needs with crisp, slim-bodied shapes.